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365 360 Interest Calculation


 · · The two popular methods are 365/365 (or actual/365) and 365/360 (or actual/360). The number in the denominator is the number of days the lender uses to represent one year to calculate the daily interest rate.

Bank Method: "The annual interest rate for this Note is computed on a 365/360 basis; that is, by applying the ratio of the annual interest rate over a year of 360 days, multiplied by the outstanding principal balance, multiplied by the actual number of days the principal is outstanding."

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 · Some banks use a 360 day year for compounding purposes. The formula would look something like this (rate*(365/360)/12) This takes into account that you are making monthly payments and that you interest is being compounded daily over a 360 day year.

Days Interest 360 Days 365 Days. Choose whether to use 360 or 365 Days per year interest. Type of Loan. Calculate Interest From: The date that interest will start being charged. Generally this is the date that the loan funds are received.

365 Loans your payments for your auto loan are first applied to your interest, and the remainder is applied to your principal balance. The interest amount is equal to the annual rate, like 3%, divided by 365.

The Actual/360 method calls for the borrower for the actual number of days in a month. This effectively means that the borrower is paying interest for 5 or 6 additional days a year as compared to the 30/360 day count convention. Spreads and rates on Actual/360 transactions are typically lower, e.g., 9 basis points.

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Simply put, this is a calculation that acts like a 365-day simple daily calculation but looks like a 360-day calculation where each month has only 30 days. Like the simple 365-day interest calc. type, this method calculates interest accruals every day using a daily . per diem. interest amount. But instead of using 365 or 366 days when figuring the daily interest amount, the rate is always divided by 360 days.

Day count convention for calculating interest accrued on U.S. Treasury bills and other money market instruments. Uses actual number of days in a month and 360 days in a year for calculating.

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