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Thank you from Homecoming Scotland

The curtain came down on the Homecoming celebrations yesterday, following the biggest St Andrew’s Do Scotland has ever hosted; creating a Homecoming finale to remember.  As we look back over 2009, we can reflect with great pride on what has been an exceptional year for Scotland.

Inspired by the 250th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns, Homecoming Scotland 2009 extended an invitation to Scotland’s people at home and abroad to reconnect with our great country. Throughout the year and across the country, more than 400 events provided a special Homecoming welcome.  

You were invited to join the celebration of Scotland’s national poet and some of Scotland’s many great contributions to the world including: whisky, golf, great minds, innovation and our rich ancestry, culture and heritage - and the response has been tremendous.  Homecoming Scotland was a new concept when it was launched and there were no guarantees that it would create the powerful response that it did.  One of the important legacies of the celebrations is how the whole of Scotland joined together to take part, celebrate and welcome Homecomers from around the country and the world.

We would like give thanks and recognise the efforts of thousands of individuals and organisations across Scotland.  The Homecoming programme was created and delivered by the whole of Scotland, with every region taking part and deciding what their Homecoming contribution should be. We offer our appreciation to all the event organisers, supporting public and private organisations, the Scottish public, visitors from the UK and abroad and our Scottish Diaspora who came together in 2009 to celebrate their shared connections and love for Scotland.

All the very best from
The Homecoming Team